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Concrete staining is an effective option for changing the appearance of this material.

Concrete is a popular construction material that is often used to create outdoor surfaces and pathways. On a residential property, you might find a driveway made from concrete, along with a patio in the backyard and perhaps a set of steps leading up to the porch. Although concrete is extremely common in the construction industry, its appearance can be a little bland for some tastes. In its natural form, concrete is a light grayish-brown color.

Concrete Staining in San Antonio, Texas

If you don’t love the appearance of your concrete, our team at Cain’s Decorative Concrete can dress it up a bit. We work with clients located in and near San Antonio, Texas to provide concrete staining and other decorative services.

Concrete staining is an effective option for changing the appearance of this material. Since concrete is not opaque, not all methods will alter its color. But applying staining material to concrete can adjust the shade in a visually appealing way. Our experienced technicians can apply effective materials in a range of colors to create beautiful finished concrete surfaces.

In order to create this concrete style, our team members mix pigments into the wet concrete. It’s important to complete this step before the material dries to ensure an optimal result. If you like the idea of concrete that looks a little different than the typical shade of gray, this may be the perfect option for you. We can perform concrete staining as part of a new installation job or when handling concrete resurfacing. Contact us to learn more.

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