How Does Patio Staining Protect Your Patio?

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Most people view patio staining as something that beautifies concrete. And while patio staining can definitely enhance the appearance of your patio, it will also protect your concrete from degrading, cracking, and splitting over time. How does this happen?

How Does Patio Staining Protect Your Patio?

The main reason why patio staining does more than just beautify your concrete is because we add a high-quality sealant to it once we’re done with the staining process. This sealant can protect your patio’s surface from regular wear and tear and ultimately improve its lifespan.

For many of our clients, the addition of this sealant adds years of life to their patio. Some of the reasons why this happens is because the sealant prevents:

  • Fading
  • Moisture absorption
  • Freeze-thaw damage

However, to ensure this sealant continues to protect your patio, you must reapply it every few years. Reapplying a sealant to protect your patio staining will maintain the vibrancy and color of the stain while ensuring your patio’s surface remains strong and durable. Generally, we recommend resealing your patio every three to five years for the best results.

If you want to know more about the many benefits of patio staining and how you can improve your outdoor living space with our services, contact us today. Our patio staining and decorative concrete company has completed many successful patio staining projects, and we’re excited to enhance your outdoor living space with our workmanship.